7 Important Features Of A Doctor Appointment App

7 Important Features Of A Doctor Appointment App is image title

When your administrative staff spends hours booking appointments of patients every day.

Being a business owner you’re probably be looking for an easy way to manage and book appointments more effectively.

A doctor appointment app streamlines appointments and provides a better patient experience.

There are numerous tasks that can be performed in the doctor appointment app other than scheduling appointments like the history of appointments of a particular patient, check test results, progress notes, chat with a doctor, etc.

If you are in the beginning stage of app development then you should be considered a doctor appointment booking mobile app development company.

And in the app, you should consider these features. These are the features list that makes your app user-friendly for the patient as well as the doctor.

Features of Doctor appointment apps

Doctor profiles

Your patients should be able to browse doctor profiles so that they can choose the doctor according to their choice.

A Doctor’s Profile should contain details about certifications, experience, timings, fees, and languages are spoken.

Ratings and feedback from the patients can also be useful for other patients to know whether a doctor met their expectations in terms of communication, treatment, competence, etc.

This is an important feature of a doctor appointment app.

Search Option

Search option is considered as an essential option in a website and in an app.

Patients can use this option for searching specialty, experience, location, doctors, etc.

It showcases all the details of doctors listed from the lots. It also should have sorting filters to customize the search.

Doctors appointment app also allows patients to quickly select the specialist and have doctor appointments fixed.

Book & Manage Appointments

Patients get this option in the doctor’s appointment app to schedule an appointment with a doctor using a calendar.

Your app should have cancel and reschedule appointment options so that the user can use it when it needs.


Push notification works well for automating interactions between patients and clinics. Such as reminders for patients about appointments.

This app notifies patients and doctors many times so that they don’t forget about an upcoming appointment.

Online & Offline Appointment Booking

The Doctor appointment app should have built-in functionality to allow patients to book online and offline appointments.

These apps are simply user-friendly and graphic-rich for performing activities. But these apps require the presence of an appointment status tab.

It has a calendar for making the task of appointment booking seem a lot more convenient.

Admin Panel

Admin panel should be an interactive dashboard to handle the Clinic appointment system. It also helps in managing the profile of doctor and patient.

Admin panel of an app should have a real-time notification.

Patient Profile

It is one of the most important features of a doctor appointment apps. It should have a profile of patents.

A patient profile should have details related to the formation and given the full access permissions.

Doctors can use this information to familiarize themselves with the patients by using details before meeting for the first time,

The profile can be upgraded by uploading the latest documents, pictures, details, fees, This feature is important for both doctors and patients.

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