How Much Does A Taxi App Development Cost In India?

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Taxi booking mobile app companies like Uber, OLA, and Rapido have made transportation simple all around the world.

In Today’s time, you can instantly book a taxi by a mobile app without worrying. You can experience a personal car at very low cost.

After Looking at the huge demand of taxi app development, the majority of the business owners are heading towards taxi app development company.

If you are looking to create your own taxi booking app like Uber & Ola but worried about the cost of creating a mobile application.

The complete taxi app development cost depends on the functionality. Functionality can differ with the complexity of the app.

The general performance of a taxi app like Uber and Ola is made up of 5 simple steps:

Step 1
Ride Booking Request of customer

Step 2
Acceptance or Rejection by the driver. If it is rejected, the request will go to another driver

Step 3
Starting ride. The taxi can be tracked and the estimated fare of the journey

Step 4
Customers can use payment modes or go cashless

Step 5
Ratings & feedback

Features Needed to Integrate with Apps Like Uber or OLA?

Your app should have both Customer as well as Driver centric features to your app like Uber & Ola. These includes:

Integrated Map

Your app should have an option to track rides after customers booked their ride. The driver accepts the ride request and reaches the pickup location.

Ride-Fare Calculation

Before the ride is booked, the estimated fare for the ride is calculated.

After the passenger reaches its drop location, then the actual fear is calculated. With the Uber and Ola algorithm.

Multiple Payment Modes

Multiple payment gateways made the customer ride hassle-free and user-friendly.

You can offer multiple payment methods like credit card, debit card, cash, e- wallets. They can directly pay using mobile wallets like PayTM, Phone Pay, Google Pay etc.

Track Service History

Passengers can track their ride history in the app. With the help history, the rider can get details about rides in a specific period.

Book Now Ride Later

This is one of the advanced features in the taxi apps. It allows passengers to schedule their rides even before the actual time.

This feature is important when you have an important flight or train to catch or on a particular traffic time for the day.

Route optimization

Route optimization helps the driver to take efficient & shortest routes to reach the destinations in the fastest possible time.

How much does it cost to make an app like Uber in India?

Now you know the must-have features of a taxi app like Uber and Ola. Now let’s discuss more on how much does a taxi app development costs in India.

In the US and Canada the taxi app development companies and developers charge between $100–300 hourly. And in the Eastern Europe, they charge between $30–55 an hour.

The taxi app development cost in India is simple, the more features you add the higher the development cost.

Development of a taxi app like Ola or Uber requires three apps: riders, drivers and admin app. The app development company estimation includes following services -

  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS, Android or Native app
  • Back-end development
  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Quality assurance & testing

For the development of a taxi app like Uber and Ola, you need following skilled persons –

  • Team Manager or Project Manager
  • UI and UX Designer
  • 4–5 Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 2–3 Back-end Developers

The estimated time in hours, developers required to create a taxi booking mobile app:

  • 450 hours for the Rider app
  • 220 hours for the Driver’s app
  • 180 hours for a Admin panel

The total taxi app development cost in India depends on your developers hourly charges or the app development company app cost.

Now let estimate the total cost for Taxi App development of Android and iOS:

Development Costs Are As Follows:

Native Development Cost
➡ $10,500
Android ➡ $13,000

UI/UX Design
➡ $4,000
Android ➡ $4,500

Back-end Development
➡ $5,000
Android ➡ $5,500

Admin Panel development
➡ $4,100
Android ➡ $5,100

Quality Assurance
➡ $7,500
Android ➡ $8,800

Project Management
➡ $4,000
Android ➡ $3,600

Total Cost For An iOS App development = $35,100

Total Cost For An Android App development = $40,500

Above costing is an estimate and not a final amount, cost can be different from country to country and individual.

These estimates are based on average methods also, cost can be negotiated during the final agreement.


The final cost for taxi booking app development company in India for your app like Uber and Ola depends on factors & preferences.

We all know integration and functionalities push the taxi app development cost higher. It is somewhere between $49,000 and $200,000.




Bispendra is a content writer. Likes to share his opinions on IT industry via blogging. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies…

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bispendra brsoftech

bispendra brsoftech

Bispendra is a content writer. Likes to share his opinions on IT industry via blogging. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies…

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