Android App use Google Pay brings the client an assortment of benefits, for example,

  • A straightforward cycle while finishing the checkout of procurement.
  • A spot to finish all installments inside the application
  • Prosperity while simultaneously paying the secured portion

Google Pay utilizes API which permits engineers to effectively incorporate an installment strategy that gives a protected and recognizable experience for our clients.

The API administers how a client program can speak with a site to trade installments.

Use Google Pay API with its JavaScript library as opposed to the Payment Request API. In this article, I will show “How To Use Google Pay?”

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What is Google Pay?

Google has dispatched its authority shopper installment application called “Google pay”. It joins different installment administrations into a solitary spot and gives a basic, smoothed-out experience.

Its primary element is to make online installments simpler in your applications or sites. Use Google Pay to empowers clients to pay with any credit or charge card saved to their Google pay account.

⚫ Network Tokens

Network tokens are put away on a gadget utilizing a virtual record number.

Tokenized cards are helpful for tap-to-pay at actual stores.

It needs admittance to a protected space of the gadget, network tokens are just accessible when the client has an able gadget.

Network tokens are not right now accessible in work areas or in programs that don’t uphold outsider installment applications.

Cards saved

Mastercard numbers put away in a client’s Google account.

They are put away when a client pays for Google Play, YouTube, Google Cloud, and so forth

Cards saved to Google don’t really need the application Because they are put away on the Google worker.

A large number of client cards are saved to google that has made installments through different Google administrations.

⚫ Google Pay API

Installment Request API is an open web standard that brings local UI to programs and intervenes in an installment between a site and a client.

The API is as of now executed in Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and different programs.

The Payment Request API detail is planned such that a program can uphold any installment technique.

There are two types of payment methods:

  1. Standardized
  2. URL-based.

Google Pay through Payment Request API

Google Pay is a URL-based installment demand API technique. Both organization tokens and cards saved money on Google are accessible through Payment Request API.

Google Pay without Payment Request API

A client’s program may not help Payment Request API, this enlivened Google Pay to give a JavaScript library.

By utilizing the library, Google Pay may utilize Payment Request API and Payment Handler API through a spring-up window approach.

Google Pay with Card

Cards saved to Google have been accessible in Payment Request API in Chrome.

Go to chrome://settings/autofill you can check saved Visa numbers for Autofill.

Cards that are saved money on Google administrations can be utilized in Chrome Autofill just as in Google Pay.

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