What Are The Key Features Of The Car Wash App: A Beginner’s Guide

AS a offline car wash app business owner, you want to build your own app to run the business but don’t know where to start? Then this guide is for you.

In this blog we will majorly talk about the features of all the 3 panels — customer panel, car washer panel, admin panel.

On-demand car wash apps have made human life easier by making these complex tasks smooth and convenient.

Car Wash Market Stats & Size

The 60% population of the USA uses car wash services. The car wash industry was worth $800 million in 2017(according to statista).

People from the USA spend $5.8 billion spent only for car wash. The global car wash industry was around $34.19 billion in the year 2019 & is expected to reach $35.34 billion in the year 2020.

What Are The Features Of The Car Wash App?

Customer panel

1. Login and signup

Login and signup is the most common feature in all apps. Using this feature, customers need to sign up to access the services of the app.

Customers can be able to sign up using social media handles like facebook, gmail, instagram, etc.

2. Custom pricing

In these features, customers can select the pricing in the app according to their types of needs.

3. Monthly package

This feature allows customers to prevent paying every time. Therefore, they are offered monthly, biannual or annual plans.

4. Find nearby car washer

Through this feature customers can find nearby car wash services in the app and may select accordingly.

5. Real-time tracking

Through this car wash app feature, a customer can easily track their process of car wash service. This creates transparency between customers & car wash service providers.

6. Chat & calling system

This feature provides an inbuilt chat and calling system. It allows customers to chat or call the car wash service providers.

7. Multiple payment options

Multiple payment gateways always benefit the services getting boosted. That’s why giving multiple payment options to customers can be a beneficial step so that they can pay according to their comfort.

You can hire a professional on-demand car wash app development company that can add multiple payment options in the app.

8. Cost Calculation

The car wash app is able to calculate the cost of services selected by the customers.

9. Placing of request

After the selection of car wash services, now the customer can easily place a request for the type of service selected directly from the app.

10. Feedback

This feature helps the admin to know the customers’ experience. Customers can write their feedback about the service in this app.

Car washer panel

Adding service location

A car washer can insert their locations so that they can serve at the particular location. Through this they can easily manage the customers of that location.

Receiving new request

This feature allows the car washer to receive a notification about a new request of orders.

Reject/accept a service request

Through this feature the car wash service Providers can reject or accept the orders based on their ability.

Uploading picture

This feature allows the service provider app to upload images before and after the car wash service.

Service status update

After accepting the car wash request from the customer, now the car wash service provider can change the status of it such as accepted or completed.

Request for payment

After completing the car wash then the car wash service providers can request for the payment.

Admin panel features


Admin dashboard makes it easy for the owners to manage all the activities of the car wash business. It gives all the information about the running wash, upcoming wash, washer earning, order history etc.

Registration of washer

This feature allows the admin to accept or reject the registration of the car wash service provider in the app.

Creating a plan for car wash service

To stand out from other competitors in the market, an admin can create various subscription plans. Each membership plan will be designed using different categories, pricing, types of services, etc.

Notification Management

The notifications option helps to improve the engagement with users. Admin can set notifications for both car wash service providers and for customers.


Car wash apps are trending in the category of an on-demand car wash app because of the on-demand car wash app features. With a dedicated and professional team, you can easily build your own car wash app for your business.

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