What Is Golang Programming Language?

What Is Golang Programming Language?

“Go” is a statically typed and compiled language. Google is the golang development company that designed it in 2007. And made by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Rob Pike.

These designers address the criticism of other languages that were used on google.

Golang programming language was announced in November 2009 and the 1.0 version was launched in March 2012.

This is often called Golang because of its domain name, golang.org. The proper name of this language is Go.

This language is created to improve the productivity of programming in the modern era of multicore, large codebases, and networked machines.

Two major implements can be done through this- the first one is Google’s self-hosting compiler toolchain that targets various operating systems and the second one is web assembly.

This is massively used in google and many other organizations for production and open-source projects.

Go Mono and Go fonts were released by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes for the Go project in 2016. ​

Why Should You Opt Golang For Web Development

Similarity With Other Languages

It has many similarities to C language, but with memory safety, structural typing, garbage collection, and CSP-style concurrency.

Golang programming language has some useful characteristics of some languages such as static typing and run-time efficiency of c language, readability of and usability of python and javascript.

Logo Of Go

Logo Of Go is the title of this image

The original logo was replaced by a stylized logo in April 2018. And in august 2018 the Go contributors published two new drafts.

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These new drafts feature generics and error handling. In this, they also asked GO language users to submit feedback on them.

Pros and Cons of Golang Programming Language

Pros and Cons of Golang Programming Language is image title

There are some disadvantages of go language like lack of support for generic programming and error handling.

Version Go 1 promises compatibility and significant parts of the standard library.

All the versions of Golang Programming language up to the current Go 1.15 release have maintained their promises.

Go has many built-in types such as numeric ones (byte, int64, float32, etc.), booleans, and character strings (string).

Go’s type system is nominal and the type keyword can be applied to define a new named type.

This named type will be identical to other named types of the same layout.

Some changes between types are pre-defined and after adding a new type can be defined as additional conversions,

For example, the type keyword is used to describe a type for IPv4 addresses, based on 32-bit unsigned integers.

This language was designed as an open-source programming language. In this Programs can be assembled using packages.

Go language supports the environment adopting patterns just like dynamic languages. For example- type inference (y:= 0 is a valid declaration of a variable y of type float).

Installing Go Programming Language

To install Golang programming language on your own pc or laptop. You need two software which are text editor and compiler.

Text Editor

A text editor is a platform where you write your source code. This is the list of text editors:

  • Windows notepad
  • Brief
  • OS Edit command
  • Epsilon
  • Emacs


You can find Go distribution which comes as a binary installable for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems with 32-bit (386) and 64-bit (amd64) x86 processor.

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