What Is SugarCRM (Customer relationship management)?

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SugarCRM is the world’s best open-source CRM software. The full form of CRM is customer relationship management. This software was founded in 2004.

It has more than 7,000 customers and also has more than 0.5 million users that rely on this software.

SugarCRM has features like executing marketing programs, engaging customers, growing sales, and creating custom business applications.

These custom applications are used in a number of ways like run client support companies, powering sales teams, and manage customer information databases.

One thing that makes SugarCRM development unique is that it’s an open-source application.

This means that the source code of the application is available to all developers, users, and customers.

Whether you have AGPLv3 licensed or the commercially licensed version. The application made in this CRM comes with all the source code that enables developers to customize and build the product easily.

This allows developers to control the application and data. It enables the freedom to transfer SugarCRM wherever you want.

This enables SugarCRM partners and developers ability to customize the application according to the requirements of different organizations, vertical markets, and locales. Now you have a complete idea of what is SugarCRM?. Now let’s move on to its breakdowns.

Breakdown of the SugarCRM Editions

  • The latest version of SugarCRM is 6.5 which was released in June 2012. Community Edition is released under the AGPLv3 license. Its Edition has been downloaded over 12 million times since 2004.
  • This latest edition comes with all the basics for sales, support automation, marketing, and user and ACL management, developer tools Studio, and Module Builder for customizing the application.
  • The Professional Edition of this software is a commercial edition of the product. It has numerous additional features that are added to Professional Edition such as-
  1. Users can be grouped together according to their department or job.
  2. It has a reporting tool that enables the running of several different types of reports, some of having charts with them that can be added.
  3. It provides a web-based mobile version with mobile client applications.
  4. Plug-ins are available for Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel. It is the biggest advantage of this version.
  • The corporate edition is a new edition with the Sugar 6.2 release. It also adds many additional features other than the Sugar Professional features.
  • It has an enhanced mobile client with offline storage abilities. This offline storage is available for the Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad. This edition has a higher level of customer support.
  • Enterprise Edition is mainly for large SugarCRM development company or organizations which are larger in size. We can say that it’s a combination of professional and corporate Editions with some additional features. It has a robust reporting tool.
  • It is an available offline client for desktop use. It is also called a self-service portal that enables the user to deploy a portal. You can deploy a portal on which your customers can interact with your SugarCRM with ease.
  • It has a Plug-in for Lotus Notes. It also supports the Oracle and DB2 databases. It has an even higher level of customer support.
  • Ultimate Edition has the most features. It is also called the complete edition of SugarCRM. And offers a new edition which is Sugar 6.2.
  • It contains all the features of other editions and also has some additional features. It provides a Sugar Connector for Lotus Domino Server. It supports the highest level of customer support.

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