Why Happyfresh Clone App Is The Best For Your Business In Covid-19


With the HappyFresh clone app, you can start an online grocery service where customers can easily order groceries.

Customers can buy what they need from different stores in one place using the same checkout process. “With the HappyFresh clone app, you can make your customers’ grocery shopping experience simple and stress-free.”

Monetization Model Of White-Label Happyfresh Clone

Seller Commission

As a commission for assigning store orders, a certain percentage of the total amount of orders placed by the User may be deducted.

Delivery Charges

You should charge your customers for each order that is delivered to their homes. It is a significant source of revenue for the on-demand delivery service.


Third-party businesses may be allowed to post ads in the App based on the user base that they can take advantage of. A reasonable fee may be charged for the advertisement.

Transaction Commission

For every transaction done through the app, the payment gateway may charge a transaction commission.

Safety Features Of Happy Fresh Clone App

  • Zero-contact deliveries

By offering contactless delivery options, you can eliminate any physical contact between customers and delivery executives.

  • Disable cash on delivery

Encourage the use of digital payment methods to avoid contact. Reduce disease transmission by offering a variety of digital payment options like credit/debit cards, digital wallets etc.

  • Safety badges to grocery stores

Check grocery store safety standards. Display security badges near grocery store names to instill confidence in visitors.

  • Safety ratings and reviews

Let your customers rate and review the safety standards of your delivery personnel.

This way, you can keep the quality of service under control by eliminating service providers that do not follow the Community Guidelines. Rating and Reviews must be integrated in your app.

  • Face mask recognition software

Since they will be in direct contact with customers, make sure your delivery executives follow strict safety regulations.

Integrating face mask recognition software in your HappyFresh clone app can be useful as the software alerts the admin immediately. This feature is advance and your grocery delivery app development company can integrate it.

How Does the HappyFresh Clone App Work?

  • Step 1. Login

Customers can log in or sign up to the HappyFresh Clone app using their credentials or social media accounts.

  • Step 2. Surf For The Nearest Store

From the desired location, the customer can search for the nearest grocery store.

  • Step 3. Place The Order

After selecting the products/items, customers can add them to their cart and proceed for checkout to place their order from HappyFresh Clone App.

  • Step 4. Payment

In our HappyFresh clone app, customers can select their preferred payment method like COD, Credit/Debit Card, NetBanking etc.

  • Step 5. Order Confirmation

When an order is placed, the customer receives a confirmation SMS/email.

  • Step 6. Track The Order

Customers can use the Live Tracker to check the status of their orders anytime and from any location.

  • Step 7. Order Delivered

The order is delivered to the customer’s location on time by the delivery staff.

Wrapping up

If you’re serious about making this venture a success, the first thing you need to understand is that an application is only as good as the features it supports.

There are many apps in the market, but only the HappyFresh app allows you to rule the grocery market even during the pandemic.

Add these COVID-19 safeguards to your HappyFresh clone app script. By doing this you can achieve customer satisfaction, increase sales and establish a strong position in the market.





Bispendra is a content writer. Likes to share his opinions on IT industry via blogging. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies…

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bispendra brsoftech

bispendra brsoftech

Bispendra is a content writer. Likes to share his opinions on IT industry via blogging. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies…

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